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Onwards And Downwards

The achievements leading to the state of particle physics today have been significant. Theory and experiment have gone hand in hand to reveal the secrets behind many of natures puzzles, and the Standard Model provides startling accuracy when it comes to predicting experimental outcome. But the story is not over yet, as many puzzles remain. The trend of question leading to answer leading to question continues, and this cycle drives technology and techniques to ever greater heights of sophistication.

Aside from the ultimate goal of understanding nature at its most fundamental level, the search has provided numerous practical applications that further justify the work. From various medical applications, in terms of both diagnosis and treatment, through to aspects of everyday computing, the progress made at the forefront of particle physics research has given us plenty of benefits. And so the work continues, for new generations to be part of, finding new questions and developing new answers and everything else that goes with it. Where the end lies is anyone's guess, but the very path of discovery is full of surprises along the way, and the world can only benefit.