• 2014 December, Noel Dawe:
    Evidence for Standard Model Higgs boson decays to tau lepton pairs in the ATLAS detector supported by a search in the fully hadronic final state
  • 2014 May, Michel Trottier-McDonald:
    Evidence for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying to one semi-hadronically decaying tau and one leptonically decaying tau at ATLAS
  • 2013 March, Jennifer Godfrey:
    Cross section measurement and search for new physics with top quark pair events involving a tau lepton in ATLAS
  • 2011 June, Douglas Schouten:
    Determination of the QCD jet energy scale and measurement of the single top quark cross section at ATLAS
  • 2009 December, Zhiyi Liu:
    Measurement of single top quark production in the tau+jets channel using boosted decision trees at DØ
  • 2009 May, Dag Gillberg:
    Discovery of single top quark production




DØ at Fermilab

CDF at Fermilab